Cancer Educational Initiatives

Cancer Educational Initiatives

  • The following initiatives illustrate KF’s systematic approaches to educating providers and communities to preventing and controlling cancer. The educational materials convey the message that many cancers may be curable if detected early and treated appropriately.

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence:

A session for dentists on steps to run a Tobacco Cessation clinic is organized on 10/01/2023

Cancer in Women

  • Gynaecological cancer campaigns with a special focus on cervical cancer, organised at the outreach camps raises awareness for consumers, health care providers, and program planners about preventive measures, screening tools and care pathway using 3-fold leaflets
  • Online sessions are organised for providers on HPV screening

Other cancers

In collaboration with its partners, Karkinos healthcare is educating consumers and health care professionals about the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, breast cancer , oral cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer screening tests, risk factors and prevention strategies.