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About Karkinos Foundation

Most of the global cancer burden is in low-and middle-income-countries (LMICs) including India. India’s cancer care ecosystem is broken-rising cases, inequitable access to care, late detection. Further challenges in cancer care in India are no access to evidence based care, and no navigated referral pathway for cancer,

Karkinos Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is established in 2020 on the principle that through cutting-edge research, networking and partnerships-people in India should be able to receive evidence-based, high-quality cancer care close to their homes. Karkinos Foundation is working on country-wide community outreach programmes and is engaged in cutting-edge research in cell biology and clinical translation in the area of cancer diagnosis& therapeutics and more recently implementation science research/patient centred cancer research to improve quality of life of patients .The institute is located in Mumbai, India.